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learning outcomes for your child

Our Core Learning Principles are designed to empower your child to develop confidence and pride in their abilities, foster holistic development, learn about the importance of family and community support networks, and develop positive relationships with people, places, and things.

Our Key Learning Areas are carefully selected to prepare your child for success in school and beyond. We focus on developing their communication, social and cooperative, numeracy and literacy, physical, problem-solving, information, focus and concentration, and self-management and competitive skills.

Our Learning Strands are derived from the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, which feeds directly into the wider education landscape of NZ. Our five ECE strands serve as precursors to Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary education outcomes, all woven together to foster confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners. Please refer to the diagram below for a visual representation of our curriculum.

learning strands

Your child will be provided with a secure and caring atmosphere where their physical well-being is encouraged, their emotional health is fostered, and their safety is ensured.

Your child and family will experience a strong sense of belonging in a nurturing environment, where connecting with the broader community is encouraged and reinforced. Your child will feel secure in their place, comfortable with regular routines and customs, and have a clear understanding of acceptable behavior boundaries.

In this environment, your child’s learning opportunities are fair and inclusive, regardless of their gender, ability, age, ethnicity, or background, and their contributions are highly valued. Your child will be recognized as a unique individual and encouraged to learn alongside and with their peers.

Your child will be immersed in an environment that celebrates and safeguards the languages and symbols of their own culture, as well as those of others. This will facilitate the development of both non-verbal and verbal communication skills for a variety of purposes. Additionally, your child will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the stories, symbols, and traditions of different cultures, while also discovering and honing their own unique ways of creative expression.

Your child will be engaged in a stimulating environment that emphasizes active exploration and learning through play. The value of spontaneous play will be recognized as meaningful learning, promoting your child’s confidence and control over their physical abilities. Your child will also develop strategies for active exploration, critical thinking, and logical reasoning, fostering the formation of working theories to make sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds.


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