Education Philosophy

gaia (earth) education ®

At the heart of why, how and what we do lies the Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy, which entails immersing our centres in biophilic buildings and environments that emulate natural eco-systems of the Earth. Our core values, curriculum, and outcomes for children are all designed to model and connect with nature and Earth systems that have been evolving for 4.6 billion years.

We draw inspiration from established philosophies such as Nature-based, Forest preschool, Reggio, Montessori, Emmi Pikler, RIE, Friluftsliv (open air), and Scandinavian forms of teaching and learning. By integrating these approaches with the fundamental principles of Gaia (Earth), we aim to provide a holistic learning experience for children.

Nikeeta and Darius explain that their family values of “Honouring the past…Visioning the future” inspired them to create preschools that pass on the message of hope to families today. They designed nature-immersed play areas, unique biophilic buildings with solar power, rainwater harvesting and natural ventillation systems, and learning spaces that biomimic nature. They also created cot and sleeping rooms with projections of twinkling starlight. They added modern facilities such as audiovisual systems, KIDCAM® for viewing from the reception, and learning portfolios with their exclusive Learning Roots and Shoots™ program.

Their hope is that their unique centres, combined with their dream-team of teachers and personal touches, will make their preschools one of the most talked-about early learning centres that raise the bar in New Zealand and around the world.

rainforest entrance walkway to transform you away from the city and into our magical place
giant indoor enchanted tree to read, play or sleep inside!
generously spacious indoor play areas
peaceful music & soft twinkling starlight in our cot rooms where we project a life-like replica of the night sky onto the ceiling so your baby can sleep under the stars
our own trademarked “play-garden®” concept
large innovative outdoor playground with treasure island and moon crater sandpits, hobbit cave, fruit orchard, & flowing riverbed
sustainable solar powered centre with full rainwater harvesting systems for our laundry and bathrooms

Roots & Shoots

our award-winning,
learning outcomes tool


Mānawatia a Matariki!