Nikeeta Singh & Dr Darius Singh

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Magic Kingdom was the vision by a couple, Nikeeta Singh and Dr Darius Singh, who both have deep roots in teaching. With over two decades of teaching experience in New Zealand, Nikeeta is a qualified and accomplished teacher. Darius is a former university professor in engineering. Both of their families have a strong background in teaching, with parents and grandparents who were also educators (over 50 years!). Their families migrated to New Zealand over fifty years ago, with little more than pocket change, in search of a better future for their children. Witnessing their parents’ struggles, working 80-100 hour weeks, to make ends meet, Nikeeta and Darius learned the power of “HOPE”. They saw their parents persevere through hard work and sacrifice, all in the hope of providing their children with a better life, more opportunities, and the ability to turn their dreams into reality.

Today, Nikeeta and Darius are carrying forward their parents’ legacy by spreading messages of hope to families via their exceptional childcare centres. Their goal is to provide children with unparalleled experiences and opportunities, surpassing anything they themselves had growing up. This simple vision statement became the cornerstone of the Chrysalis Group of Early Learning Centres. However, it wasn’t just a superficial goal for them. They were genuinely driven to make it a reality. To achieve this, they designed and built world-class, award-winning, and previously unseen learning environments that they were proud to send their own preschool children to – the ultimate litmus test!


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