Our Philosophies

our vision, values & principles

“Driven to leave the Earth in safer hands than ours – that’s it!”
– Nikeeta and Darius

  • Our centre is a protected stage of development, where care is first and foremost, followed by development and transformations that are calm and unhurried, yet filled with wonder and amazement, just like nature itself.
  • Our children are being prepared to learn throughout life – to open endless opportunities and continually create, innovate, change and improve.
  • Children should have a strong sense of belonging and inclusivity in the very communities that they will be expected to build, lead, and hold together one day.
  • We are preparing children to be our future guardians of a sustainable world with respect to and guidance from our bicultural heritage and multicultural society.

(E), (A), (R), (T), (H):

  • (E)nvironment: We consider the environment as a teacher and influencer of our moods and actions which is why our centre is immersed in nature-based outdoor and indoor settings, designs, materials, and resources.
  • (A)wareness: We aim to provide experiences that promote self-confidence, enhance understanding of others, and encourage guardianship of life. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being of both children and teachers by promoting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  • (R)elationships: Our philosophy is deeply rooted in finding connectivity with all life on Earth, and we promote the building of engaged, healthy, vibrant, and diverse communities based on this.
  • (T)ransformation: We view learning as a journey where the process of gaining knowledge is as important as the outcome, and our educators serve as guides, facilitators, and enablers rather than authoritative experts. Our aim is to prepare children for a lifetime journey of transition, change, and adaptation.
  • (H)olistic: We are planting seeds in children’s minds for a life of resilience, empowerment, competency and capability.


seasons & elements of nature

We have researched core values from around the world, our local communities, our teachers, and from this we have developed a set of qualities/traits/attributes that are important to us to sustain and propel our children through life.

These qualities merge into our Gaia (Earth) philosophy to align with the four seasons of the Earth, as well as the four elements of nature.

Summer embodies the essence of discovery, risk-taking, empowerment, respect, spontaneity, and achievement, offering a time to make progress and embark on adventures.

Leadership, companionship, self-discipline, contribution, diversity, and commitment are all characteristic of autumn, when the Earth teaches us how to cope with things falling apart.

Winter represents a time of nurturing, resilience, integrity, responsibility, belonging, and guardianship, as the Earth demonstrates a period of inward reflection, collective unity, and fortification to endure life’s hardships.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, growth, and change, and it aligns with qualities such as openness, awareness, humility, self-reliance, continuous improvement, and adaptability, as the Earth demonstrates the importance of these traits for successful transformation and evolution.


Mānawatia a Matariki!