Roots & Shoots

Our awarded invention roots & shoots Our award-winning and patented Roots and Shoots™ diagram is a clever Kiwi invention that uses biomimicry to give your child a head start in school. By visualising your child’s entire learning history and direction through a constantly evolving diagram, our model represents the “Roots” of your child’s hidden potential, […]

Parent Testimonials

OUR Whānau and community parent testimonials (+ see independent google reviews) Magic Kingdom Childcare has such caring and compassionate teachers. My daughter is always creating and making things and has made two good friends in less than 3 months. She feels well supported and in a trustworthy environment. They are great with communication, always organising […]

Photo Gallery

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Our Fees

multi-award winning services for your child our fees Our fees include: A memorable experience in one of the most award-winning ECE services in NZ, Generously spacious playrooms and playgrounds (150% – 200% more space than Ministry of Education standards), The “best of the best” qualified and experienced teachers, Our online patented learning system (Learning Roots & Shoots®) […]

Why Choose Us

We strive for excellence and to lead the ECE sector by example… why choose magic kingdom At Magic Kingdom, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that feels like a second home for you and your child. We take pride in being the most preferred and popular childcare center in town, as recognised […]

Te Whāriki

NZ early childhood curriculum the nz ece learning framework Our centres are guided by the Principles, Strands and Goals of Te Whāriki, the NZ early childhood curriculum, which are summarised as: The early childhood curriculum will empower our tamariki to learn and grow; The early childhood curriculum will reflect the holistic way children learn and grow; The wider world of the whanau and […]

Learning Outcomes

Tomorrow’s Leaders learning outcomes for your child Our Core Learning Principles are designed to empower your child to develop confidence and pride in their abilities, foster holistic development, learn about the importance of family and community support networks, and develop positive relationships with people, places, and things. Our Key Learning Areas are carefully selected to […]

Gaia Philosophy

A journey back to the future the gaia (earth) education philosophy ® Our Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy® is where modern Earth Science meets Ancient Cultural Knowledge in a nature immersive environment to create “childcare like you’ve never seen before!” Our philosophy has been in the making for over 4 billion (and 50!) years and is […]

Daily Rhythm

OUR DAILY RHYTHM daily activities & child-initiated themes Complementing our own Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy, our approach to caring and educating is also deeply rooted in the teachings of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, which are commonly known as the “Philosophy of Respect, Trust, and Care.” This philosophy emphasises building strong relationships, slowing down, […]

Gaia Education

Education Philosophy gaia (earth) education ® At the heart of why, how and what we do lies the Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy, which entails immersing our centres in biophilic buildings and environments that emulate natural eco-systems of the Earth. Our core values, curriculum, and outcomes for children are all designed to model and connect with […]


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