We regularly receive positive feedback from parents, caregivers and just about everyone who come in to take a look!. Here are some recent ones.


January 2016

"My older daughter was part of the first batch of Magic Kingdom 'graduates' in 2013. She had a great experience there and I am hoping for the same for my little one (starting February)", Mrs Pinto


November 2015

"Dear Magic Kingdom Team, Just wanted to say that big thanks for last Sat, Free Parenting Seminar with John Cowan.
We enjoyed very much & it was very informative & easy to follow. We also added our name down for the toolbox early stage class if any MKC parents/caregivers are keen. Once again, thanks for providing this exclusive class. Best regards,
Mr A Yamin & Mrs Y Kim (Centre Parents)"


"A massive congratulations on being the winner of the Westpac Business Awards West, Best Emerging Business. That is a wonderful achievement. Well done", Susan Herman, Business Development Manager, Auckland Chamber of Commerce


October 2015

"Félicitations de France pour votre prix bien mérité de la part du papa et de la maman de Malvina. Superbe endroit pour les enfants", Philippe Domar (France)


"Congratulations team..this is just one of the many to come...",  Mrs S Swami (Centre Parent)


We are immensely proud to announce that we have WON the "Best Emerging Business" Award at the Westpac Business Excellence Awards function last night. To even reach the "finalist" stage was enough for our childcare centres, but then to win the category.... we are just over the moon. Our vision would not have become a reality without the support of our teams and our parents and for that we would like to thank and congratulate each and everyone who has supported us along our journey. And this is just the beginning, as we continue to strive to be the best early childhood education partners for our families and our tamariki...


August 2015

Our centre together with our three sister centres have reached FINALIST standing in three categories at the 2015 Westpac Business Excellence Awards:

FINALIST - "Best Emerging Business"

FINALIST - "Excellence in Innovation"

FINALIST - "Excellence in Business Leadership"

June 2015

"Magic Kingdom is the first kindy that my son attended and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I was very satisfied with all the teachers there, all of them will always be special for (my son). Leaving (my son) at Magic Kingdom always felt like leaving him in a place where he would be cared for, loved and nurtured. I can say that its been great to be a part of Magic Kingdom and I wish you all the best for the future", Mrs J Notani (Centre Parent)


April 2015

"(Chrysalis) is truely worth checking out! My son has been here since the beginning! Their philosophies and their staff really resonated with me & after checking out their sister daycare "Magic Kingdom" I was sold! At that stage "Chrysalis" hadn't even been built yet! But after checking out so many other daycares. I'm truely happy with our choice! These guys are the best and the facilities are truely outstanding and a real cherry on the top!! If you're looking for somewhere special with amazing staff to entrust your most precious child with. This is the place!!!", Mrs R Tripp (Centre Parent)


September 2014

"I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy.
Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done.
Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals."
Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd



"Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial our online Bud-e reading program with the children and your amazing teachers today! We so enjoyed every minute and are thrilled with the children’s positive response. Please thank Nikeeta and the teachers for their time and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about the children in the centre, the environment and the children’s education. You must have some very happy families in your community."
Tracy (Director, Global Education Systems) and the Bud-e Team


August 2014

"I was really impressed with Magic Kingdom and all the staff were so lovely..."

Mrs Tripp (PARENT)


April 2014

"You guys are already doing wonderful work, just keep it going. Your Philosophy, Your Ideas, and most importantly, the Implementation of your ideas is brilliant. Your teachers work very well as a team. The love that they provide to all the children is very much visible and I too can feel it. Brilliant place, it is with a heavy heart that I have to unfortunately take (my son) away from this wonderful environment that he is getting. Please keep going the way you are and please be in touch. I loved this place as much as (my son) did. Thank You For Looking After My Prescious Darling with So Much Of Care and Love. Believe Me, I Do Not See This In Many Places These Days".

Mrs Kansara (PARENT)


March 2014

"...The centre has established good practices of documenting and sharing children's learning outcomes through portfolios. These portfolios are good records of children's participation in the programme..."
extract from ERO report  for Magic Kingdom Childcare, 18 March 2014.


"Magic Kingdom will always have a special place in my heart"

Mrs Kansara (PARENT)


February 2014

"Will be a hard task finding a daycare that matches Magic Kingdom - it's simply awesome and Nathan loves it. You guys have done an amazing job"



January 2014

(My daughter) seems to be settling in very well to the over 2s room, we are very happy, please pass on our thanks to the team, they've made it very easy and made us very welcome. I was wondering, would it be possible to register our (as yet unborn!) baby to start in February 2015. It seems too far away, but I know how popular the centre is.
Mrs Catherine Rochford (PARENT)


December 2013
"I have heard that Magic Kingdom is a fantastic place to go to"
Ms Julie Deavoll, Project Coordinator, Homelink Road Safety


November 2013

"Thank you for the wonderful Parent Evening held last week. Was lovely to hear how our children are being educated and supported, and to hear that teachers were learning from them too :-)"
Mrs Annie Nuualiitia (PARENT)


"I have been meaning to get in contact with you and thank you, the event was absolutely fantastic. We are so happy (our boy) is coming to you. The Teaching presentation was fantastic, and made me feel really reassured about bringing him here. The genuine and passionate attitude (that) the teachers have came across very strongly"
Mrs Katrina Burnett (PARENT)


"(The teaching presentations were) brilliant – loved the stories, also understand the transition to over 2. I was a bit concerned that 2 – 5 years was a bit too much for the number of kids (at various stages of development), so appreciated the structure of break-out sessions with the specific age groups."
Mrs Jen Gilman (PARENT)


September 2013

"I can’t tell you how much we will miss MK!!! The standard and quality of care has been amazing on all counts! And no, I can’t believe that my daughter will be a school girl soon!! Which is why we thought we’d celebrate her birthday at MK..."
Thanks once again!

Mrs Judith Pinto (PARENT)


July 2013
"Dear team, thank you for all the caring and affection you have shown for our precious (girl). It really means a lot to us"
Mr and Mrs Ansari (PARENTS)


May 2013

"(The centre's winning invention) demonstrates impressive collaboration between children, centre staff and parents....incorporating an effective blend of service and technology supporting a child's learning"

CEO of NZ Business Excellence Foundation,

Ministry of Education representative,

President of NZ Early Childhood Council,

(Judges of the 2013 ECC / Telecom Innovation Award - awarded to our centre in May 2013)


April 2013
"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done in settling (my son) and me into Magic Kingdom. I credit his settling-in period to the warm and safe atmosphere you have created in the Under 2s room.....Thanks for all the yummy food - he enjoys it all!........My husband and I could not have asked for a more caring, professional and beautifully designed centre"
Mrs Rebecca Leung (MUM)


March 2013

“Truly the very first time I went on-line on the centres website, the learning roots and shoots was the thing that really impressed me. I was so happy to see a system which displays about the child's achievement areas in an easy and beautiful way. As a parent I used to read (my daughter's) learning stories earlier also in my previous centres but the learning roots and shoots system here at Magic Kingdom is so easy and clear for us to understand a child's achievement areas, as to whether she’s developing communication skills or physical skills and the areas she needs to work on or concentrate on.
Secondly, I am a teacher so I know about Te Whariki and its learning strands, but as a parent from different fields other than education,  such as my husband, this system makes it easy for him to understand too. Now he loves to read about (our daughter's) stories as it is easy with the display tree (Roots and Shoots system) to understand her learning areas.”

(MUM and ECE Educator)


February 2013

"I have just been looking through (my children's) Roots and Shoots. Thank you so much for all of the fun and quality learning you are providing for our kids and what an ingenious way to share it with parents and family. It makes me so happy to see (them) smiling and having fun".
(DAD - Fern Garden)

"My children have settled in nicely at your centre, so a big thank you to you and your team! Its great to know on top of the big move to NZ for them, they are happy being at Magic Kingdom."

Mrs Carolyn Deed (Parent)


January 2013

"If we ever moved back to Auckland Magic Kingdom would be our first and only choice for our kids. Heard so many positive remarks! Well done for starting something unique and genuine in childcare as our children are the future. Wish you and the team continual success".

Mrs Nimi Nair (Parent)


December 2012

"Hi Nikeeta and Darius...I think this is so new and such an innovative concept in NZ let alone Auckland that you two have created, that it sets the centre apart from others...My son is truly growing into a person that I hoped he would be...thank you to Magic Kingdom, its staff and you guys for that :)"

Ms Wendy Vyas (MUM)


"Magic Kingdom is a daycare like no other. The centre has been carefully thought out from the design of the daycare to the care and love of the children. My son thoroughly enjoys going to daycare and for every parent, knowing that your child is at a safe and happy environment is just the most comforting feeling. Thank you so much for making a dream daycare."
Mrs May Werner (MUM)

"We highly recommend Magic Kingdom! MKC is a wonderful learning centre with friendly and professional staff who are dedicated to their roles as teachers and mentors. Our little girl absolutely loves Magic Kingdom and we would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a loving, safe and fun learning environment for their child."
Tamu Family


"Magic Kingdom is warm caring place, my daughter is in the under 2's group and loves going every morning. The staff are amazing and my wee baby gets all the love and attention she needs. I would highly recommend Magic Kingdom for a childcare option."
Mrs Sarah Gordon (MUM)


"(My son) really enjoys telling stories. Thanks a lot to teachers for building (his) confidence in standing up and presenting in front of the class. Thanks to all the teachers for sharing and keeping us posted on his progress."

Mrs Kavita Bhardwaj (MUM)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful stories about (my daughter)...I am so proud of her and love seeing her Learning Tree getting very colourful with leaves. Well Done... "

Mrs Aisha Moorad (MUM)


November 2012

"my son absolutely loves it here"

Mrs Nicola deBoer (MUM)

"As first time parents it is extremely difficult to let your child go somewhere unfamiliar, however after meeting her fantastic teachers, we were certain she will be cared for. (My daughter) is enjoying every moment she spends at M.K."

Mrs Leilani Tamu (MUM)

"It's such a lovely place with lovely people, fresh new and has everything your child could want! fab out door area with native walk and hobbits cave"

Mrs Stacey Murray, (MUM)


October 2012

"..I sincerely appreciate the wonderful care that you have given (my son)...A Big thank you to the teachers for keeping track of my son's progress and informing me and putting me at ease. You guys are truely wonderful...!"
Ms Wendy Vyas, (MUM)


September 2012

"...I would like to express how happy I am with everything. The teachers have been simply wonderful! (My daughter) is really enjoying the time she spends at daycare. The facility is great, the atmosphere delightful and I love how (she) is always kept busy and involved in various activities which will no doubt enhance her learning. A big thank you to you and your team!"

Mrs Glynis Yacoub, (MUM)


"Loved checking out (my son's) stories on line!"

Mrs Angela Johnson, (MUM)


August 2012

"Unique, very inspiring and well planned Childcare centre. A must for everyone to visit."

Mrs Geeta Maharaj, Primary School Teacher

Comment posted on our Facebook page


July 2012 (OPEN DAY)

"Many thanks for the invite (to your open day), my wife was very excited to see the finished project. You have all done an amazing job with the building & landscaping. Well done."

Dayle Beuth, Director, Lifestyle Architects


"Truely a magical kingdom....well done Nikeeta and Darius."
Mrs Keemti Subrail, Parent


April 2012

"A useful and innovative framework for documenting children’s learning, interests, next steps and life contexts, which includes child and parent voice."

Education Review Office (on our patented and exclusive online learning system within the Chrysalis group)


February 2012

"The parents in Nikeeta and Darius' centre in Tauranga are the most active of all our service's customers. This is definitely driven by them as they are very committed to partner with parents, communicate and share. This is exactly what we hoped would happen"
Nimo Namaani, Director, Growing Kiwis Ltd (developers of Magic Kingdom's website)



“What attracted me to your ad in the yellow pages was the fact that you aim well above the required standards, and are going where no other daycare has gone before with regards to parents satisfaction. The children have an endless playground of imagination and I got the feeling that each child would be well looked after and nurtured. I hope to one day in the future see Magic Kingdom expanding and the possibility of a Magic Kingdom childcare opening in Hamilton, you can guarantee I will be one of the first parents on that enrollment list and recommend to all my friends and family.”
Mrs Diane Rodgers, Parent


“I wish you were opening earlier! Please let me know when you do open!”
  Mrs Angela Rennie, Parent