Our Nutritious Menu...

We believe in total partnership between centre and home, and so our philosophies run right through all our planning, activities, learning and even our meals. We have a rotating menu (shown below). This has been carefully designed by our head cook, who is always keeping up to date on new ways to keep meals interesting and nutritious for children. Vegetarian and Halal and any special dietary needs are catered for too.


Our 4 week menu plan has made it easy for parents to plan their own evening meals since they know what their child will be eating at Magic Kingdom during the day.


Our meals are so popular with the children that we have even published our very own 40 page, professionally bound "WHAT YOUR KIDS LOVE TO EAT - COOKBOOK". Click "Cookbook" to open up all 40 pages.

Our meals policy (available for viewing at the centre) also ensures a robust system of precautions for any allergies and dietary requirements that children may have.